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Vertical Doors INC.
We sell and install vertical doors here at Xtreme FX. Call today for your vehicle specific quote.
We understand the appeal of Lambo doors. There’s nothing like the startled looks you get when you open your door and it pivots upward! We wanted to make sure that the kits we offer had solid engineering behind them, and could be easily installed by those who are interested. We only sell kits from Vertical Doors INC. , so you can be assured that what you see in the photos on our site you’ll be able to achieve with your car.
With a vertical door kit, your doors will open normally to a predetermined position where they can be raised. We offer kits for a wide range of vehicles, including all popular late model cars, trucks, and SUVs, as well as older special interest cars. The best part of this customization is if you decide to sell the vehicle or just want to put it back to factory, the installation of the bolt-on kit is completely reversible.

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